The coat of arms activation

.. or just some of the reasons why SOTA is so much fun!

On Wednesday evening, having finished work early, I grabbed my gear and ducked out for a quick Activation on Mt Gawler.

given it was still reasonably early, and even though the WSPR maps didn’t indicate an EU path, I gave a shout on 20M for a little while – There were a couple in there, but only managed to complete a contact with Don, G0RQL – for the 8th time from this summit.

Yet again, this summit surprised me – as when we were setting up, about 20 feet away in the scrub there was a Kangaroo just sitting there watching.  I didn’t have anything other than the camera in my phone and I could not even see the kangaroo in the pictures I took.

It just kept grazing on the grass and keeping an eye on us for nearly an hour before it moved off, all the while working several VK stations on 40M, and a repeat contact when I gave a call on 30M.

As we were packing up, with the sun starting to set, we moved a little bit over the road towards the sunset – which was spectacular, and lo and behold, there were a couple of Emu’s wandering around in the Paddock amongst the Alpacas.  One of then decided to check us out and came right up to the fence to check us out!

The emu that came up to the fence to check us out
The emu that came up to the fence to check us out

I did grab a few pictures with my phone, but none of them were much good – But still thought I would share 1.


Mt Gawler sunset

And of course, the Sunset was not too bad either!

Mt Gawler sunset

And it did get better just as the sun hit the horizon.

Yeah, only a handful of contacts, but still one of the most enjoyable activation’s none the less.

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